WooComa project

1:45 minutes – This short video’s goal was an advertisement for a digital download about the slowness of WooCommerce plugin. But in the end, I didn’t use it. Instead it became revelatory of two paradoxical aspects of my life. One is the tenacity of the snail¬† – and the second is the desire for fast-paced creative production. Prolific unfettered output. Unchained from the plow.

The final video uses 26 open-source components:

Heart Rate Effects:

  1. Heartbeat flatline-outtro.mp4
  2. Heart intro.mp4
  3. Heart Rate background.mp3

Speed Music Clips:

  1. carnival.mp3
  2. ending-credits.mp3
  3. snail-1-music-slow.mp3
  4. subway.mp3

Snail Video Clips:

  1. Snail-1.mp4
  2. Snail-2.mp4
  3. Snail-3.mp4

Movie Clips:

  1. Rally.mp4
  2. Sailing Boat Video.mp4
  3. carnival.mp4
  4. dirt-bikes.mp4
  5. motorcycles.mp4
  6. Subway.mp4
  7. Subway-tunnel.mp4

Other Sound Effects:

  1. Explosion-Ammo-Delayed.wav
  2. FA-18a-fighter-jet.mp3
  3. Screaming Hawk.mp3
  4. Seashore And Seagulls.mp3

24-bit PNG Titles and signage:

(Myriad Pro Extrabold Condensed knockoff font)

  1. hates-slow.png
  2. PagePipe.png
  3. signup for woo.png
  4. woocoma-title.png
  5. WooSnail.png