2:48 Minutes

Your strength is in your delicacy.
You are delicate like a flower.
I hold you up through every storm because you are delicate.
I love your beauty, your softness, your texture and scent.
I love your intimate heart, your fragile thoughts, your tenderness.
I love your slender petals, your spring-fresh stem.
I value and treasure your wisps–your lines–your flair and style–your spunk.
You continue to be delicately amazing in your boldness and strength.
Your subtle tones; I do not overlook the subtlety of your tonation and hue,
Your ability to feel a whisper of change in me.
Your sensitivity thrills me!
Intricate intricacy!
Detail to my eye
Wondrous, intricate detail!
My inherent desire, you draw me, you pull me
A woven piece of work, woven into me
Exuding such softness…

–Michelle Cook