No-budget video storytelling.

Digital-mining found-footage, free sound effects, synthetic voiceover, and copyright-free music.

Given enough time, money, and energy, you can create a beautiful video.

Let’s create a beautiful or monstrous video with:
no money, little time, and limited resources.

We are on a journey discovering faceless video production with free web assets. No camera. No microphone. Using open-source tools. Learn more inside our site.

Who We Are

We’re unconventional, nonconformist artists disguised as marketing-communication professionals.

What We Do

We create powerful video stories without cameras.

Video montage is a series of short video clips sequenced together to tell a story set to music.

How We Help You

Learn experimental usage of free resources.

We teach our strange magic of making a new-breed of videos with open-source hardware and free web assets.


Unlovable Demons

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Fall in Love

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Upside Down

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Master Healer

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Fix Me

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Pocket Full

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Paradise on Fire

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What is your return policy?

Neither paperbacks nor ebooks are returnable.

Videos and plugins are non-returnable.