4:23 minutes

This poem is dedicated to Julie Hadley.

On 3/19/21 6:34 AM, Jade Rawlings wrote:

i LOVE “fallible” the music is perfect, your voice with the feminine voice is really great and flows amazing! “the solution… run, run until you ache in your side, and then laugh at the fright that made you run” that line hit me hard. i want to get that as my next tattoo.

i resonated with it, because something in me tells me to run when i’m afraid but something in me says dare them to try harder.

so many times have i looked into sadistic empty eyes and laughed with a mouth full of blood, taunting him, “if your going to hit me, hit me harder. because hesitation is a dead mans game” almost wishing he would have the courage to end my suffering, but he was never so kind, or maybe he just wasn’t brave enough. “laugh at the fright that made you run” that was powerful. that was timeless. my soul connected to those words. thank you for being a genius.

I replied:

Your words are encouraging.

“Fallible” was made for two people in particular. It helps to have an imaginary audience when building something like that. You and me. And anyone like us.

I’m glad you think I’m a genius. It only counts when you say it. Because it takes one to know one.