Last Rocket

7:24 Minutes

Thought I’d share this conversation with Ed Jenkins who did the male voiceover for “Longday”:

Ed Jenkins
Mar 19, 6:15 AM

Oh wow, that sounds amazing! Whoever you got to voice Kahira really puts me to shame.

Steve’s reply:

Female voiceover is Chloe Wigmore: Fiver talent because of Covid. I’ll be improving the visuals and some sound effects. So it will go through another iteration. And your voice is perfect for what we’re doing. Don’t compare. It will only bring you unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Of course, anxiety can be a great motivator.

Never use Chloe as your benchmark. Just look and see if you improved your own journey. When you see someone at the top of the ladder, you know they didn’t fall there.

The original 2017 short story “Last Planet from Planet Longday” is a 45-minute read. I took one scene as an excerpt – the one you just made. It was the scene with the most interesting dialog. It’s about 4 minutes. Visually boring.

But the script was lost. I had a transcript made. That took one day with Fiver talent in India. I built an MP3 as reference for pronunciation of fabricated names and places. The synthetic voices are Amazon Polly. That probably cost 15 cents.

“Last Rocket from Planet Longday” is a sci-fi conversation between a marooned man and woman. In reality, I think they’re two of my internal voices. Self-talk.

Longday was my first video attempt and so dismal my son Levi and brother Brad (both creatives) gave it a thumbs down. I didn’t do another video for an entire year. It was long and I used male and female synthetic voice for the voice track. I had no money for voice talent at the time.

I decided I’d adopt the mantra “Embrace Mediocrity.” And I started producing one “mediocre” video per week. This version of “Longday” is my 129th video.

Jade the poetess said: “I love the rocket video. The voiceovers are amazing.”