The Kind Nudge

3:03 minutes – This gentle 1995 poem is embedded in noise and confusing dystopia. It’s symbolic of my childhood warfare theater. It’s the emblematic burial of all my fragile, tender, and intimate emotion. It was my childhood strategy to survive suffering, injustice, and totalitarian dictatorship. The strategy never left me. Neither did the mental war of hyper-vigilance.

This recent video poem and my last, The Rusty Cart,  both contain the keyword “Gone” as a prominent word.

I became naturally cold and distant, content to live in my own world. I built emotional walls so others didn’t approach me or know how to talk to me.


The Kind Nudge
for imaginary childhood companions.

When the wind whispers your prized name, the playful wispy sound slides smooth into my elements.
An echo resonating warmth from your dancing flame.
An affectionate flicker softening my robust mask.
Silly searching still for the clever luster of your enchanting treasures
Locked forever but never from splendid imagination through daydreaming power.
Defiantly dancing closer and closer.
Passing into viewed unity.
Pedestrians at the crossroads.
The hidden wondrous sacred ground, undefended, unrestricted.
Tiptoeing in awe.
Marveling at our inner senses peaking.
“Separate but together, together but separate.”
The paradox of intimacy and autonomy … at rest.
Gone our frightened jangled jitters.
We smile.
Basking in comfortable friendly silence.

© TEARE 1995

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