6:14 minutes

Our Heavenly Father,

You know us inside out.

You know our hearts, our minds, our bodies, and our souls.

Please align us with our desires, if those desires help us grow and come closer to you.

Open our hearts to feel the love of being home, just like it happened with me when I met Elder Levi and Elder Miceli.

Please prepare us in advance and let us know you decision in our dreams.

Father, I know you give us as much as we can handle, but you have also given us free will.

And more often than not, we get in our own way.

Please clear our doubts and guide us in the path of least resistance.

Allow us to receive whatever is best for us.

Elder Levi and Elder Miceli became my family at a time when I had killed my old self, at a time I decided to go against the current, at a time when I left everything behind in search of the truth in me.

I found the new me in the sincerity of your two servants.

Their love for you shines bright out of their eyes and is projected so with a laser focus and yet so gentle that its hard not to let it in.

Please Father give us more time with each other and let Elder Miceli go only if where he is going will make a great impact in his spiritual evolution. Please prepare our hearts for your decision.

Love you to the outer layer of the firmament and back.

In the name of Jesus Christ.