Secret Childhood Death

9:02 minutes – In August 2015, I had a flashback while sleeping. I heard my son’s, Levi (17), quick heavy footfall outside our bedroom. I screamed out in terror thinking my father was in the house. It was disconcerting to everyone. I didn’t know what it meant. It was the beginning of an awakening. The Lord brings all things to our remembrance – both good and evil.

Optimal minimalism is a performance enhancement method. It includes such techniques and skills as:

  • Deconstruction. Only what’s necessary.
  • Identifying why you might fail before you start.
  • Selection based on Pareto’s 80/20 determination of results.
  • Core learning. The Core Knowledge approach prizes content across the disciplines, bucking a trend toward a narrower, skills-based approach to learning. Learn only what’s necessary.
  • Sequencing using the opposite order of best practices.
  • Self-imposed limitations.
  • Focus on removal: Remove things first instead of add things.
  • Clarity and Mystery – opposites arouse curiosity.
  • Useful mystery – just enough information reduction.

Prolific optimized minimalism: Getting rid of excess.