Night Master

2:49 minutes

“By Night I Walk on Water” 2016 by Hannah Christensen

By day I walk in locker halls
Souls who shove around me
By day I’m attacked by internet
The world wide web to take me
By day I fake a smile and laugh
Our masks all look the same
By day I hold my tongue and lip
No one speaks against the people.

By night I walk with moon rays
My dreams as real as I
By night I walk with angels
Who teach me how to fly
By night I am a sorcerer
Weaving magic filled with wonder
By night I walk on water
Distant from the people.

By day I am an imperfect girl
Ridiculed at best
By day I am judged and mocked and watched
On stance and walk and dress
By day the eyes of all the world
Look down their sharp long noses
By day I meet the critical gaze
Of all my world and the people.

By night I’m draped in silken gowns
I dance without ground to stand
By night I’m sprinkled in soft stardust
This new world is at my hands
By night I am what I want to be
I am the master of my shape
By night I am what I choose to be
Not a copy of the people.

By day I am a human,
By night I am a soul.

By day I live with reality
By night I’m in control.