Gray Riptide

6:28 minutes

“Walking in Gray”

Everything around me is dead.

The land is flat and gray.

The sky is overcast and dark.

My feelings?

I feel nothing.

My nerves do not register

the impact of my feet

on the ground.

I am floating, flying,

in this world of silence.

I think of nothing

I say nothing

for I am the nothing.

Sometimes I reach up

for no reason at all

other than to get higher

than I already am.

To find

a greater level

a new perspective.

Yet all I can see from higher up

is that the gray stretches on

for miles and miles.

Gray pastures, with dead grass.

No color. No trees. No animals.

No mountains in the distance.

No sun in the sky.

Only clouds, and gray.

Always gray.

It is somewhat bleak

walking alone through the gray.

But I like it…

it comforts me

to walk in the gray

as a nothing.

Maybe someday if I keep walking

I’ll find a different gray.

Or maybe a black.

Maybe I’ll become a something.

But for now

I am a nothing

walking in gray.


The moon and the ocean

are not equal partners.

The moon is distant, cold,

It flies and floats

Rises and falls

In a perfect pattern

That hasn’t


In all the time it has


It resides in darkness

But outshines the stars.

It is tainted by

Moonboot tattoos.

The ocean is deep, cold,

Secretive and foreboding –

Easily manipulated,

Easily tossed

Into disarray.

No pattern



It swallows souls,

And houses dark creatures.

It is tainted by

Plastic jewelry.

Both the moon and the ocean

Hold individual beauties

The moon glows softly

And provides company

To the lonely, late at night.

The ocean holds closely

Every shade of blue you know

It’s life can be bright and teeming.

But in a dance between




The moon will always lead

It pushes and pulls the tides

Into the shapes it likes

It can stir up anger

From deep trenches and

Long-settled sands.

The ocean fights back,


But the moon is too far.

To be reprimanded

By such a being

Who holds such rigid

Invisible power

Is to consent to the loss

Of one’s sanity.