Freckled Friend

2:31 minutes

For my daughter, Lilli.


Looking in the mirror

she touched her young freckled skin

wishing she were a Hollywood beauty

skin white flawless smooth

but there were freckles instead

Glancing in the silvered glass

She saw his smiling reflection

Tugged silhouette propped

against the old door frame

him loving her ordinary naturalness

life, home, warm, human

each freckle he loved

every freckle he kissed

Would she ever discover

her truest self:

the freckled woman he loved?

Freckled Friend

let me embrace you

so much energy

in your freckles

give some power to me

I love your freckles

as I love you.

TEARE 1991

Daughter Lilli and wife, Terrie. Both freckled ladies.