BENEXUS: Episode 8 – Mind of Arrow

5:55 minutes

BENEXUS: The Mind Touch

I searched for authentic rare intimacy. But feared finding it.

I endured rejection for being odd and different. Experiencing the pain of abandonment.

Fear of heartbreak held me back.

Deep down I always wanted someone to push past my walls and get closer.

Analyzing observed information I made future mental predictions.

Would I ever discover alignment on a deep soul level? And feel secure connecting?

I felt connections even at far distances. Strong energy made me aware of the things I loved about myself on a profound level.

My newfound faith made me insecure. I now believed in things logic told me not to. Painful and vulnerable and dangerous things. It’s who I was now.

My intensity came from a never-ending desire to find in everything hidden depth.

I hunted the bigger why; seeking meaning. What I do makes a difference. I could read others. I “saw behind the mask” they wore.

I sensed I’d never be the same – a significant destined shift in my inner landscape.

It intrigued me that I was forgetting the world around me.

I was becoming a living contradiction. I wanted something but was pushing it away and avoiding it.

Before I feared being vulnerable. Fear of having people reject me and who I am.

It only made me crave intimacy more — and the tension and unhappiness in my past.

I now trusted people in difficult and painful ways. Connecting to them keeps me in touch with infused life energies – and the lessons they teach.

The imprints they left on my soul weren’t erasable. I couldn’t forget them. Sharing each other’s deepest pains, listening without judgment, and with empathy.

Age, nationality, culture, race, profession, and status are irrelevant. Soul connections have no limit.

I often need time alone. Time to process everything inside my mind. My alone time draws others closer during our time apart. Reuniting is more special.

I didn’t want to be distant from people again. The intimate energy exchanged always delivers lessons I most needed to learn.

When alone inside my mind, I think about the people I love and care for.

I don’t need to be around someone all the time. A strong connection from a distance. Closeness and intimate even when apart.

We’ve bonded beyond the surface. They pierced through the facade of my constructed identity.

The stress of opening up and having my heart broken fades. A state of wholeness and wisdom prevails.

I open up. Exposing the personality layers I keep hidden inside.

Being my true self, even when it feels scary, liberates me.

Vulnerability without fear. Safely sharing who I am and what I think.

I had thoughts and emotions I hadn’t been aware of deep within. It was hard finding balance.

I open up when I am trusted and feel safe. I’m safe when someone doesn’t criticize me for being different.