The montage of song lyrics seems to convey a message about the ups and downs of life and the importance of perseverance through challenging times.

The first set of lyrics from “Highway to the Danger Zone” suggest that taking risks and pushing oneself outside of their comfort zone can lead to danger, but also excitement and adventure.

The next set of lyrics, from Solence “Life Goes On,” imply that happiness and pain are both temporary, and that time can heal even the worst of grief. It suggests that despite the hardships, one should turn the world around and keep going, because life goes on.

The final repetition of “Highway to the Danger Zone” seems to bring the message full circle, reminding the listener that life is full of risks and challenges, but it’s important to keep moving forward and not let fear hold them back.

Overall, the montage of song lyrics seems to encourage a “seize the day” attitude towards life, acknowledging that there will be both good times and bad, but emphasizing the importance of not giving up and continuing to push forward.