3:18 minutes

You know very well why I overwork.

It’s not “things” I love.

It’s people.

I’ve always been in a race with death.

I died several times as a child.

When you’re given a second chance, you won’t waste it.

The stakes are high.

What finish-line am I going to cross?

A message in the wet sand to my children and grandchildren.

The imprint of me they didn’t have time to understand.

My thoughts will be more precious when I am dust.


I’m leaving them my essence.

In the future, they’ll connect to my character.

This will inspire them to keep going especially in hard times.

You understand how important it is to finish.

To never give up.

You whip yourself.

No one has a gun to your head — except “time is running out.”

Message in a bottle.

Creative work leaves a soul trail to follow.