Sweet Bird


The song appears to be about a person who is captivated by a bird, which is referred to as a “bird of paradise.” The bird is described as having a “flash of turquoise blue,” which suggests that it is visually striking and attention-grabbing. The person in the song wishes they could fly and be with the bird, but they can only watch it from afar and sigh.

The repeated use of the phrase “My bird of paradise” suggests a possessive and obsessive nature. The bird represents something the person desires but cannot attain. It could be a metaphor for a person or an ideal, something that the person wants to be close to but cannot have.

The line “So you fly away, when will you come again?” suggests that the person is anticipating the bird’s return, indicating a sense of hope and longing. The final line “My bird of paradise” is repeated multiple times, emphasizing the person’s attachment to this object of their desire.

Bird of Paradise
Snowy White
A minor-69bpm

Russian River
Dan Henig
A minor-90 bpm

A minor Drone
backing track