11:03 minutes

You’re unpredictable. Men probably think you’re pretty cool. You are super intelligent, but it also makes for super problems because everything is amplified for you. You’re a sensitive person. When we care about somebody, we care about them deeply. And because of our personality types, we’re willing to take on their pain plus some. It has a price. But I miss you. I miss talking to you. I’m glad we’re getting to talk right now.

You’re not afraid to take on hard problems and look for solutions. You defy the odds. You’re radically independent and I love you for it. It makes you — you.

Mostly you’re driven by your desire to be worthy. You are worthy. I know that’s something plaguing you. It plagued me all my life. Am I good enough? Yeah.

We’re not just sensitive emotionally. It’s like we’re physically sensitive. You know, we’re aware of things. We see things, we hear things that other people sometimes — don’t notice. It’s kind of like an artistic bent.

It’s your gift and a curse too, though, isn’t it? Because you feel their pain and it’s hard to let go of it. And you want to help them.

You want solitude more than any other type personality. It’s critical to you. And here you are, never alone. Wow. Talk about torture. You want to experience the energy of peace. Instead it’s go, go, go.

But, anyway, I relate to what you’re going through and I admire you — really do. You’re amazing.

You’re just such a good example of perseverance and tenacity and courage, really. I appreciate it. You’re one of my mentors.

And we’re remodeling, so it reminds me of when you and I were remodeling. That was epic, you know, it makes me laugh. We were both laughing, you know? Like, this is the most ridiculous thing in the world. What are we doing up here?

My strength was running out and you’re breaking off drill bits. Remember? It was like, oh my gosh, can this get any weirder? So, you’re trying to balance that board on your head while I’m changing out a drill bit. Oh, my gosh. Ridiculous.

Anyway, remodeling reminds me of when you and I. We had a lot of talks that were good for you and good for me. I really miss those. You and I can go to places I can’t talk about with other people. They think I’m an idiot or a lunatic, you know? But I can talk about it with you. And you go, “Oh, yeah, I’ve had that.”

And so I miss that.

Memories are a bittersweet thing. I feel great affection for you and at the same time I miss you horribly. That’s the big empty, you know. Where you’re missing someone. You’re in a happy moment — you still slide down. You go, “Oh, they’re not here.” And I miss you.