Mother Majestic

2:29 minutes

Mother Majestic

A Hero screaming with fury, dies.
Face in mud. Holding nothing but a rifle.
Sing his song. His memory lives on.

An Artist paints her sorrow.
Her heart a torn battlefield.
No emotion to discard.
Holding nothing but a brush.
Beautiful. Her art lives on.

A woman struggles forsaken
Birthing her firstborn.
Near death, Mother gives life.
Valiant. Defiant. Yet, tender.

One dies, one cries, one lives.
Of these three immortals,
Mother Majestic, I love you most.
Benevolently choosing the harder road,
living life for a hungry son.
Choosing not to die or cry, but to live life alive.

Quiet stillness. Sitting by a glowing angel.
Such deep inexpressible reverence.
Basking in your pleasant brilliance,
a warm blanket of devotion enfolds me.

Deny me not this moment.
Open and pour.
Ask. Speak. Inquire.
Request. Question.
Anything. Soon.
I crave your heavenly voice.

TEARE 1990