The montage of song lyrics contains themes of love, hate, mental distress, societal pressures, and individualism. The first set of lyrics talks about the craziness of life with people living as foes, and the hope to learn how to love and forget how to hate. However, mental wounds from life’s bitter experiences still linger, leading to a feeling of going off the rails on a crazy train.

The second set of lyrics talks about unrequited love and the pain of seeing someone you love with someone else. The protagonist tries to convince their love interest to leave their current partner, but they are unsuccessful, leading to a sad goodbye.

The third set of lyrics talks about the societal pressures to conform and follow the rules set by those in power, and the mental distress that comes with it. The media is also implicated in selling the idea of conformity, making it difficult for individuals to break free and follow their own path. The lyrics end with the same feeling of mental distress, as the protagonist feels like they are going off the rails on a crazy train again.

Overall, the montage of song lyrics speaks to the human experience of love, pain, mental distress, societal pressures, and the struggle for individualism.


A major-138bpm-
Ozzy Osbourne
Crazy Train

E major-129bpm
The Less I Know The Better

Surfing Llama
Bird Creek

Freedom Dub
Sympathy for the Devil

E major-128bpm
Puddles Pity Party

Ambient in E Major