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Church represents something I consider sacred. My deep connection to the spiritual realms and God. It may reveal my feelings of guilt about something. Maybe I did something in the past I’m ashamed about.

Church symbolizes my own system of values and my faith in a real life. It represents my own beliefs and my need to find a spiritual guide. It may mean I have doubts about my religious beliefs. It symbolizes my value system, and the things I hold sacred as true.

Suitcase symbolizes a journey. It may be about my need for freedom, or that I have to leave behind my mental suitcase before venturing on to the next phase of my life. It is very often about my “mental baggage” I have with me from life experiences.

Dreaming of heaven rarely has anything to do with death or the afterlife. It’s a symbol of happiness and joy on earth. It signify my desires to uncover happiness. I want to escape from the difficulties I’m experiencing. Heaven restores my hopes, optimism, and faith. Heaven symbolizes new beginnings and renewals. Dreams about heaven may represent some sort of guilt I’m feeling. The door of heaven suggest I may get closer to my dreams.

A fallen church spire suggests the collapse of hopes. A steeple breaking or falling, means I may worry about being forgettable. Or making a poor impression on others.

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