7:32 minutes INFJs are known for their strangeness and complexity. It is so rare to find anyone that really “gets” me. I can count on one hand the people I have met or people I’m friends with that I think really understand me and what I’m about. My entire life I’ve felt sort of out… Continue reading Black


4:15 minutes – How giant squid symbolism and soccer are connected. The game of soccer parallels how to run your life when confronted with challenges. You think quickly on your feet to succeed. The soccer game also reflects competency, integrity, strengths and weaknesses. Symbolically, playing soccer suggests suppressed sexuality or aggression and expressing it in… Continue reading Boneless

Still Got Teeth

1:37 minutes – A zany composite of sounds, music, and images. This took away my boredom and cheered me up. VOICE: Robot girls COMPONENTS 164022-teeth-black_background-simple-748×421.jpg Alien City Invasion – Royalty Free Stock Footage.mp3 bensound-actionable.mp3 harley-davidson-daniel_simon.mp3 Kids Sound Effects HQ.mp3 Lonely Autumn Leaf – Royalty Free Stock Footage.mp3 Old Sailing Ship – Royalty Free Stock Footage.mp3… Continue reading Still Got Teeth

Ode to Levi

6:44 minutes – Yesterday, Levi got his mission call to go to Lisbon, Portugal. He leaves in February for 2 years. I’ll miss him. I made this video a few months ago. Thanks for being my friend for so many years.

The Singing Cowboy

5:44 minutes – This video is based on the art and story by Bryan Bruveleit. Essentially cowboy poetry. ASSETS USED IN PRODUCTION Cowboy fonts durango-western-eroded saddlebag Still images martin_cowboy.jpg cactus1280x720.jpg Background music broken-shovel.mp3 cayuga-summer.mp3 Sound effects Kids close-door.mp3 Horse sound clips 32679__prosounder__galloping-horse.wav 182504__swiftoid__horse-clip-clopping-downhill-stereo.wav Horse whinny 10.wav Horse scream 5.wav Horse snorts 1.wav Horse scream… Continue reading The Singing Cowboy

Lindsey Relapse

5:35 minutes – This video is about the similarities I and Lindsey Sterling, the YouTube superstar and dubstep violinist, have in common. And the conclusions aren’t good. Sorry fans. The list includes: eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive workaholic behavior, focused hyper creativity, fear of intimacy, and probably more. The only thing we don’t have in common is… Continue reading Lindsey Relapse

The Kind Nudge

3:03 minutes – This gentle 1995 poem is embedded in noise and confusing dystopia. It’s symbolic of my childhood warfare theatre. It’s the emblematic burial of all my fragile, tender, and intimate emotion. It was my childhood strategy to survive suffering, injustice, and totalitarian dictatorship. The strategy never left me. Neither did the mental war… Continue reading The Kind Nudge

The Rusty Cart

2:46 minutes See the puny heart spin Rollin’ in the gutter. Clatter, clank, such a din. Makes one wonder where it’s been. Is it such a hellish sin to love another? Gimme work, gimme money that’ll cure all ills, honey. Drown in demon distractions! Satiate with surface satisfactions! Transform the sky, gray to sunny. March… Continue reading The Rusty Cart

The Girdle

2:32 minutes – Inspiration is from personal 2019 emails – and a poem written in 1991. The Girdle is about the rivalry between mother and daughter. Primarily the envy of the mother. THE GIRDLE Competitive Mama. in memory of the girdle. Thank you for birthing this beautiful babe. Standing smiling smooth. teeth square and straight.… Continue reading The Girdle