Mother Majestic

2:29 minutes Mother Majestic A Hero screaming with fury, dies.Face in mud. Holding nothing but a rifle.Sing his song. His memory lives on.Immortal. An Artist paints her sorrow.Her heart a torn battlefield.No emotion to discard.Holding nothing but a brush.Beautiful. Her art lives on.Immortal. A woman struggles forsakenBirthing her firstborn.Near death, Mother gives life.Valiant. Defiant. Yet,… Continue reading Mother Majestic


2:50 minutes The poison that she drinks And the lies he has her say The choices that she makes They keep pushing me away He trickles down her throat, Taking her consciousness as he goes, What was once a field of tulips, Is now a wilted rose He steals her every thought, He robs her… Continue reading Wilted


4:37 minutes Everyone takes things in differently. and that is valid. to feel pain is to be human, and to be human is to struggle from time to time, just remember rock bottom is not your home, it’s a temporary stop on this journey of life. A person may say, “It’s okay,” but you are… Continue reading Puzzle


7:10 minutes We have been born, as Nephi of old, To goodly parents who love the Lord.We have been taught, and we understand, That we must do as the Lord commands.We are as the army of Helaman.We have been taught in our youth.And we will be the Lord’s missionaries To bring the world his truth.We… Continue reading Warriors