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For all my daughters and granddaughters who foolishly claim it’s men’s responsibility to not listen to their body talk.

I “flashed” out all the butt shots. Censored. As they should.

Their bodies talk too loud.

“You can be cool, you can be shy
Say what you want, say what you like
‘Cause ooh, your body talks, your body talks
Ooh, ooh, your body talks
You could pretend you don’t want it now
But I read the signs from your head to your toes
Yeah, you don’t need to say a word ’cause
Ooh, ooh, your body talks”

They’ll slap your face for reading the message out loud.

Hannah Wright has always been pretty bold about stating who she is and what her faith means to her.

In the Miss New York City pageant, she claimed all three preliminary event prizes in evening gown, talent and interview competition. She was the single contestant to wear a one-piece in the swimwear competition.

“When you stick to who you are, they (the judges and the other contestants) notice you more,” Wright said in an interview with The Deseret News. “I was representing myself, not playing a role, so modesty, for instance, was really important to me always.”


Your email is a breath of fresh air.

After seeing the video, I got two long emails (rants) from Jade about how men shouldn’t feel what they feel when women expose their bodies. “My right” as a woman sort of thing. Self-expression. The body is a temple to be shown, etc. etc. Contempt!

My INFJ granddaughter has a dancer’s fit 16-year-old body and stores those curves and nooks and crannies in skin-tight leggings and belly shirts. This change in attire started this last year when her parents were divorcing. You nailed it: insecurity. Wanting male reassurances of desirability all the while despising men.

You get it.

I’ve told my daughters — and women who seem like my daughters, — that it is normal for me to see them as beautiful and sexy. But it is not OK for me to act on that. I actually believe a young woman — as she blossoms — needs reassurance from a trusted man that it’s OK to be a sexual creature. But not to flaunt it. It is unneeded advertising. Perhaps overselling. And overselling creates suspicion.

I’ve told my daughters I won’t “go there” and be sexual with them. That blunt.

Unfortunately, most men feel uncomfortable taboos with their daughters growing sexuality — and withdraw from them. Girls then weep the loss of their fathers attention. And wonder if they could be little again. And thus is born the potential roots for anorexia and bulimia.

I think modesty also applies to men. The justification that “men don’t wear shirts so why should I” isn’t logical.

On 3/3/22 15:03, Janine wrote:
Hey, Batman.

“For all my daughters and granddaughters who foolishly claim it’s men’s responsibility to not listen to their body talk.”

Amen to the above. Ladies, you can’t wear a skirt that ends immediately under your butt crease and over expose your cleavage and then cry that you’re upset some man is watching. In fact, I would wager that is precisely what you wanted all along. And it is stupid and ridiculous.

If a woman wants to be respected, she should not dress sexy — I don’t understand women’s need to be sexy for random men. As far as I’m concerned it is a form of promiscuity.

As for your video poem, frankly, all I think of when I watch the video is how we women dance around the truth of human nature — men’s and ours — and away from our own responsibility to choose NOT to dress like a harlot — which is 9.5x out of 10 a sign of insecurity. But no amount of dancing around and making it pretty is going to change the facts and the ugliness of men’s and our own natures.

Anyhoo, I”m beyond exhausted. I left home today at 7:45 AM and got home at 3:30 PM.


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