Technology-assisted video montage

  • Full of imaginative imagery, symbolism, implication and inference.

  • Fusion of open-source still and moving images, text, and sounds (voice, music, effects).

Lower project risk without custom filming – or paid human voice talent.

You don’t need slick Hollywood-quality production to communicate an idea or feeling. There are alternative creative methods.

Learn how to produce new composite video from fragments of pictures, sounds, text, and music. We use online resources to produce no-cost video montage.

Pioneer faster turnaround, no-budget YouTube creative videos. Lo-fi (low-fidelity) accelerates prolific video production using extreme workarounds.

How good is good enough?

Our discontent lies in details non-essential to communication success.

There are nuances to make ideas either harder or softer. These unrealized potentialities move toward a more artistic, romantic, or poetic effect.

Our strategy is: organic locomotion.

Restrictions or limitations are self-imposed. Self-imposed limitations force creative thought. We take raw material and give it shape.

Are we shooting for perfection? No. We don’t believe perfection and productivity walk hand-in-hand.

True artists despise the phrase, “It’s good enough.” That implies imperfection. Our work is low risk and feels 80-percent quality. The keyword is “feel.”

Video production on a shoestring budget is possible.