3:24 minutes

This video was written by Cora (my 14 year-old INFJ granddaughter – Giraffe / yellow cobra) — and me (66 year-old INFJ Grandad / Black Unicorn / platypus).

I wrote two lines. Then she wrote two lines. Then we each wrote four lines, etc. In 4 iterations, this poem’s 31-line verse evolved.

Good vibes.


My phone always
right beside me.

The name pops up on the screen
My favorite sight to see.

Buzz in your pocket
another “like”.

Imaginary love appears,
Yet another strike.

the awe of “feel good.”
momentary sham love.

short-lived delight,
a pushed-off shove

The silent alarm in my head
brings my focus back.

Go away pesky noise
Just let me be.

Social pressure?
No worth, so break free.

Why scramble for surface bait.
True love, is worth the wait.

To find a true someone
find your true self first.

losing your identity and gaining a partner?
what an unfortunate curse.

Things that feel real in the moment,
deception served through glass

Shallow surface partner
delusion won’t last

My phone always next to me

A notification pops up on my screen

Not the same feeling it used to be.


Kdenlive open-source video editing software on Linux Mint. Main audio track mixed in Audacity open-source editor. Song credit: Rockville – Patrick Patrikios. Closing music: Raging Streets – SefChol