video montage by Steve Teare

The common theme between the two songs, “Stand By You” by Rachel Platten and “Is This Love” by White Snake, is the power of love and the desire to be with someone. Both songs express a longing and a desire for a deep connection with another person, and both highlight the transformative power of love.

In “Stand By You,” the narrator expresses a commitment to stand by the other person through their struggles, no matter how difficult things get. The song emphasizes the importance of being there for each other, listening, supporting, and lifting each other up when we need it most. Similarly, in “Is This Love,” the narrator expresses their desire to be reunited with the other person and their excitement about the transformative power of love.

Both songs also use powerful metaphors to express the emotions and feelings associated with love. “Stand By You” uses the metaphor of broken wings to symbolize feeling helpless or unable to move forward, while “Is This Love” uses the metaphor of finding the key to open any door to symbolize the transformative power of love.

Overall, both songs speak to the universal experience of love and the deep human need for connection and support. They suggest that love can be a transformative and powerful force in our lives, capable of helping us overcome obstacles and bringing us closer to those we care about.