Invisible Animal Crackers

8:05 minutes —Chapter 5— “Invisible Animal Crackers” “TWO zoo tickets, please,” Jelly Belly said politely. “I see only you,” the kind lady in the white ticket booth replied. “Will a friend join you later?” Jelly Belly smiled. His favorite smile. The silly smile. The kind of smile where his mouth corners and eyebrows go up… Continue reading Invisible Animal Crackers

Hydrogen: bedtime story

5:46 minutes —Chapter 4— “The Hydrogen Chronicles” In his tree house, Professor Jelly Belly scribbled furious. He wrote on the blackboard with white powdery chalk. He gave a little choking cough. The chalk cloud swirled around his rapid moving hand and pudgy thinking head. “This is it. Eureka! I have invented Hydrogen,” shouted Professor Jelly… Continue reading Hydrogen: bedtime story

Bone Monster

11:51 minutes Chapter 3 Jelly Belly and Bone Magic Jelly Belly knew the magic of bones. He kept a wishbone in a small drawer knowing someday he’d need that saved wish. But tonight he needed greater bone magic. Someone tossed another pine log into the campfire. Long tongues of fiery flames licked high in the… Continue reading Bone Monster

The Buckaroos

15:01 minutes —Chapter 2— “The BUCKAROOS.” WHERE Jelly Belly lives, dawn’s warming pink dimness brings a woodsy scent. Fresh dew in the pungent pine softens the hard crystallized sap to a wonderful aroma. The heavenly scent then drifts over the meadow, up the ridge, and into Jelly Belly’s Tree House. Early morning activity begins. Squirrels… Continue reading The Buckaroos


7:43 minutes The Imaginary Misadventures of Jelly Belly Bear —Chapter 1— “Geronimo Jelly Belly and White Cloud.” “A WHITE Dragon!” oohed Jelly Belly, pointing his finger, “and a Fat Clown! Look – a Fairy Castle!” Floating marshmallow clouds were wandering across a Spring sky. “Whew! My imagination is weary.” Plopping back and closing his eyes,… Continue reading WhiteCloud